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Open AIR Summer Residency

  • Moon-Randolph Homestead 1515 Spurlock Road Missoula United States (map)

This summer, the Moon-Randolph Homestead will be hosting an artist-in-residence from June 23 to August 4, 2019. This residency is part of a new new Artist-in-Residence program in Western Montana called Open AIR. Open AIR is a project of the Western Montana Creative Initiatives, a non-profit whose mission is to enrich Western Montana’s community through the development of art-based place-making and programmatic development. More information on the Open AIR residencies can be found here:

Applications for the Summer Moon-Randolph Homestead and other Artist-in-Residence programs are available here:

Applications due March 10.


The resident artist at the Moon-Randolph Homestead will be given one of the buildings on site as their place of contemplation, refuge and production. The building is the historic and recently reconstructed winch shed, an old mining shed meant to house large mining equipment and keep miners out of the elements while they worked. The structure tells the story of small scale, subsistence coal mining, as well as material reuse--the structure was originally built of found, reused materials including old billboards, 55-gallon drums, piano crates, and pressed tin ceiling tiles. The winch shed has electricity, dirt floors and can open up wide to give generous access to fresh air and sunshine. Learn more about the Homestead residency here:

Additionally, the artist will have:

  • Access to the beautiful grounds, historic buildings, archive library, and artifacts.

  • Close proximity restroom

  • Contact with the resident caretakers who have a wealth of knowledge and insight about the site and history of the place

  • The Summer AIR will have an additional studio in the Brunswick building, a historic building on the edge of Missoula’s downtown area that boast of many artist studios

Community Engagement

The artist will have the opportunity to teach one or more art classes on site with visiting youth groups.